Devotions and Prayers

Seeking Her Blessings

Sulis Minvera,
As I start my day,
I seek Your blessings.

Grant me the ability to use Your attributes as tools for growth.

Through the Deep Earthly Fires that warm Your waters,
Bless me with the steady burn of Creative Passion.

Through the attributes of Your ever reliable Spring,
Bless me with the ability to access your seemingly endless supply of energy.

Through Your ability to Heal and Curse,
Bless me with the power to bring about transformation and change in my life and those I love through magical workings.

Through the Healing Attributes of Your Waters,
Bless me with the Ability and Desire to Nourish myself
With Whole Food, Good Water and Plenty of Exercise.

* this prayer is what I use to call her into formal ritual*

Sulis Minvera,Please be with me at this Sacred Rite.

Please lend me Your power
of Creation and Destruction
of Healing and Cursing
of Wisdom and Emotion

To bring balance and transformation to me
During this Rite.

Please aid me in my workings and help to carry my intentions
Out to the Universe to Ensure its success.

I Honor You!

So Mote It Be!

 Modified Serenity Prayer

Sulis Minerva,With the power of Your Restorative Healing Waters
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change

With the power of Your fiery influence, bubbing up from the depths of the Earth
Grant me the courage to change the things I can

With the power of Minerva’s wise and steady Owl
Grant me the Wisdom to know the difference. 

A Call for Help (addiction)

Sulis Minvera,Mighty Goddess of the Fiery Springs
I desperately seek Your presence in this moment.

I put my hand in Yours and remember that I am not alone.
Be me with me as I struggle.

I call upon You for support and help in moving though this
moment of my addiction

Help me find the strength to resist

Help me find the hope to persevere

Help me to find the wisdom to truly understand that this is only a moment in time and that it will pass.

Help my heart to remember the beauty and peace found in
living in abstinence.

Please surround me with your gentle healing waters.