Sulis Minerva is the shining solar Goddess of the blazing hot springs and is an ancient Brythonic goddess whose temple is one of the only surviving Roman temples in Briton. Sulis was first venerated in the small Roman town called Aquae Sulis, which is now the location of the British town of Bath. She was worshiped in her location for an unknown number of years before the occupation of Rome in Briton, was worshiped by the Romans, revived by the Victorians and is revered by modern Pagans today across the globe.

There are a few possibilities regarding the etymology of Sulis’ name and it is a topic that is still  argued about today. Some believe that “Sulis” derives from the proto-celtic word sūli meaning sun. Her spring waters bubble up into her temple, hot and steaming; packed full of minerals and easily corresponds with the sun aspect. However, some people believe her name derives from the old Irish word súil which means “gap” or “eye” and she is often called Goddess of the Gap. It is unlikely anyone will be able to come to a definitive answer in regards to the origin of her name so many choose to honor both the Sun and the Gap aspect in their work with her. Sulis is neither an underworld deity or an above world deity; she is the Goddess of the gap, the place between; she is both here and there, in and out, the sun and the water. Sulis Minerva occupies the place between.  

~ excerpt from the article “Sulis” by Annwyn Avalon

The Goddess of the Gap is a website dedicated to Sulis Minerva and it maintained by her devoted Priestess The Sonoran Witch. The purpose of the site is to document her work and progress with Sulis Minerva and to act as a resource for those who may wish to work with Her. She is an initiated witch of the Triskele Rose Tradition and dedicated servant to the Goddess, to her Tradition and to her students.

This site is endorsed by the Triskele Rose Witchcraft, an Avalonian Mystery Tradition.


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